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Our precision CNC laser cutting services provide the highest quality, accuracy, and repeatability for all your production needs.

We can cut through it all from steel to aluminum with precise accuracy and tight tolerances. We also offer a wide range of secondary processes such as welding, painting, assembly, and finishing services – so you get everything you need from one source.

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Laser cutting materials

Many different materials can be cut with a laser. The most common material for laser cutting services is metal, such as stainless steels, aluminum, copper alloys, and brass. In addition, we can cut plastics, such as acrylic and polycarbonate, with a laser.

Each material has different metal cutting capabilities and the maximum recommended thickness. For example, aluminum can be cut up to 0.5″ thick, while brass can be cut up to 0.75″ thick. We will meet your requirements no matter what material and thickness you need to custom cut.

Laser Cut Aluminum

Aluminum is soft and malleable, making it easy to work with. Laser cutting aluminum is possible because the metal has a relatively low melting point. It means it can be cut using a focused beam of laser light. The process is precise and results in clean, smooth edges. 

laser cut copper

Copper is a popular material for laser cutting due to its ease of cutting and engraving. We can cut copper with either a CO2 or fiber laser, and both types of lasers will produce a clean, precise cut.

Stainless steel laser cutting

Laser cutting is an ideal way to create custom stainless steel products. We provide laser cutting stainless steel services. Our equipment can quickly and accurately cut stainless steel to your specifications. We will cut them with a large laser cutter for thick steel plates.

laser cut plastic

We also can laser cut plastic, such as acrylic sheet/plexiglass and polyethylene. We provide plastic laser cutting services for manufacturing signs, exhibition stands, point-of-purchase displays, and much more.

Custom sheet metal laser cutting and bending services in China

We can cut or bend sheet metal, including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. Our experienced team can customize sheet metal parts for any job you need to be done.

Sheet metal laser cutting Services

Custom sheet metal laser cutting is a process that uses a powerful laser to cut through thin sheets of metal. This laser technology offers several advantages over traditional cutting methods, including higher precision, faster speeds, and lower costs.

Meanwhile, it is a precise and clean way to cut sheet metal and can create intricate designs and shapes. Our cutting machines can cut various metals, including laser-cut stainless steel, aluminum, and more.

However, sometimes fiber laser cutting alone does not meet the manufacturing needs of sheet metal parts. We need to bend the sheet metal into different shapes to meet customer requirements.

China laser cutting services
sheet metal bending services

Sheet metal bending 

Sheet metal bending is a process where sheet metal is plastically deformed to create the desired shape. This process is commonly suitable for manufacturing enclosures, brackets, and frames.

Bending sheet metal requires using special tools and equipment, which we have at our sheet metal bending facility. The main advantage of sheet metal over other materials is its flexibility, which allows it to be bent into complex shapes.

We also offer various bending services, such as CNC press brake bending, a high-precision way to bend sheet metal. Meanwhile, we can also do more complex bends, such as multi-stage bends or box section bends.

Benefits of laser cutting

It is a versatile and precise technology that offers many benefits over traditional methods. Laser cutting provides some advantages that make it the preferred choice for many manufacturers. Its many benefits make it an ideal solution for large and small projects.


It is much more precise and can produce complex shapes with incredible detail. Higher precision when compared to flame or plasma cutting.

High speed

It is faster than other methods such as mechanical punching or waterjet cutting. It means that businesses can achieve a rapid turnaround on orders.

High efficiency

Aluminum 3003 is a softer grade. It can quickly form into complex shapes. It is often suitable for food processing equipment or other applications where durability and appearance are essential.


Laser cutters can cut various materials, including metal, wood, plexiglass, and plastics. This flexibility means no need to change machines or tools when switching between different materials.

Why choose our CNC laser cutting services in China?

We provide custom precision laser cutting services in China to the metal parts market. With a decade of manufacturing experience, we have proven our ability to manufacture parts or products that meet or exceed custom specifications. We serve many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and more.

laser cuttting services in China

We have many CNC laser cutters to provide a quality service for our clients. And we can undertake laser CNC cutting projects of all sizes, from small bespoke items to large-scale production runs. During laser cutting, we work to manufacture precision parts with the strictest tolerances and specifications. Our CNC laser cutters can cut various metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.

Plus, we can offer a range of finishes to suit your requirements. We believe that our CNC laser cutting services are the best in the business, and we are confident that you will be impressed with the results. If you are looking for China laser cutting services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Laser Cutting FAQs

Water jet cutting is a process that uses pressurized water to cut materials. 

The water is ejected from a nozzle at high speeds, up to 60,000 feet per second, and can cut through various materials, including metal, stone, glass, and plastics. 

Water jet cutting is suitable for various industries, from creating prototypes to manufacturing parts.

One of the benefits of water jet cutting is that it does not create heat-affected zones (HAZ). Therefore, there is no risk of warping or distortion of the material being cut. 

Laser waterjet cutting is also a very precise method of cutting and can create complex shapes and patterns. 

Laser tube cutting is a process that uses a high-powered laser to cut through metal tubing.

The laser heats the metal, causing it to melt and vaporize. The cut is clean and precise, with very little debris or burrs.

Laser pipe cutting can cut tube diameters ranging from a few millimeters to several meters.

Meanwhile, it can also cut tube thicknesses ranging from thin-walled tubing to thick-walled pipe.

In addition, many types of laser tube cutting equipment, such as 2-axis and three-axis machines, can meet different cutting needs.

Laser cutting is generally suitable for industrial manufacturing applications. It can quickly cut through metals, plastics, and other materials. 

Some common applications for laser cutting include:

  • Enclosures, chassis, brackets, and other electronic equipment housings 
  • Medical equipment parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Aerospace components

Laser CNC cutting is the process of cutting industrial sheets of metal into desired shapes with the help of a high-density beam of light. 

The laser beam is focused by optics and directed at the metal to be cut. The CNC module then operates the laser beam or the workpiece to achieve the desired shape. 

The laser is usually a CO2 laser, although other lasers can also be used. 

CNC laser cutting provides accurate and precise cuts and is therefore suitable for various applications. 

It is also cost-effective as it requires less manpower and results in less material wastage.

Laser cutting is a method of cutting through metal using a laser beam.

The beam is focused onto the metal, and the heat from the laser melts the metal.

The melted metal is then blown away by a compressed air stream, leaving a clean-cut edge. Because the beam is so focused, it can quickly cut through metal with great precision.

The process can cut through thin sheets of metal or even thick plates.

Laser cut parts will have a matte, vertical striation on the edges. Laser cutting is often suitable for fabricating parts for machinery and automotive applications. It is also used to cut metal in construction and other industries.

Yes, we offer laser engraving services. 

Laser engraving uses a laser to engrave an image or message onto a surface. 

It’s a popular choice because it’s exact and produces high-quality results. 

Plus, laser engraving is relatively quick and easy to do and is also permanent. So you can be sure that your engraved message will last for years.

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