polycarbonate CNC Machining Service in China

We provide polycarbonate CNC machining services in China and customize polycarbonate parts with extreme accuracy and repeatability.

Polycarbonate is a popular thermoplastic material that is highly suitable for CNC machining. This versatile material has high strength, clarity, and resistance to impact. Therefore, it is ideal for use in a variety of applications.

We understand the nature of polycarbonate materials and can program our CNC machines to create complex shapes while maintaining tight tolerances. 

plastic CNC machining service in China

Our CNC machining capabilities for Polycarbonate

We offer a variety of CNC machining methods for polycarbonate. The following are our processing services.

PC CNC machined parts

Our CNC machining capabilities provide a wide range of options for polycarbonate, including CNC milling, turning, and laser cutting. Our experienced team can quickly deliver custom-designed parts with tight tolerances to our customers’ exact specifications.

By using the latest in CNC machinery and software, we can ensure that parts produced from polycarbonate meet their desired quality levels.

polycarbonate parts we manufacture

Injection molding PC parts

Injection molding is one of the most common methods of shaping polycarbonate parts and offers many benefits.

First, injection molding is fast and efficient and can produce large quantities of parts with a high degree of accuracy.

Second, injection molding allows for various designs and complex shapes.

Lastly, injection-molded polycarbonate parts are often less expensive than those made with other methods.

injection molding PC parts

Surface finishing of PC machining

PC parts often require surface treatment. The following is the surface treatment process we provide.


Polycarbonate can be polished in two ways. One standard method is to use a polishing compound. This compound contains abrasive particles that work to remove scratches and marks from the surface of the polycarbonate.

Another popular option is to sand the surface with fine-grade sandpaper. This method can be time-consuming, but it is often effective in restoring the original shine to polycarbonate.


Annealing polycarbonate can help to improve its clarity and scratch resistance. The process involves heating the material to a high temperature and then cooling it. It helps to relieve stress within the polymer chains, making the material more resistant to breakage.

In addition, annealing can also help to improve the dimensional stability of polycarbonate, making it less likely to warp or deform over time.


Polycarbonate sandblasting is the process of using high-pressure streams of sand to remove material from a surface.

It can use for both cleaning and machining applications.

It can also use to roughen up a smooth surface in preparation for painting or other finishes.


Polycarbonate can be challenging to coat due to its smooth surface. To ensure an even coating, it is necessary first to roughen the polycarbonate surface. It can be done by sandblasting or treatment with an acidic etchant.

Once the surface has been adequately prepared, various coatings can be applied, such as paint, powder coating, or chrome plating.

Why choose our polycarbonate CNC machining services?

Skilled Engineers

First, our engineers and production workers have at least 10 years of CNC machining experience, so we can produce precision parts of all complex types.

Machining Capability

Second, we have dozens of CNC machines, including 5-axis, 3-axis and mill-turn machines. These machines allow us to manufacture prototypes, low volume and high volume parts.

Guaranteed Quality

Plus, we already have an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, so our team, materials and machines are in proper condition for quality assurance. In addition, we get it right the first time, not only for ourselves but also for our customers.

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PC CNC Machining FAQs

Vacuum casting can create high-quality polycarbonate parts without requiring expensive tools or complex machinery.

The process begins by creating a master model of the desired part using 3D printing or another similar technique.

This master model is then used to create a mold filled with liquid polycarbonate.

The mold is placed in a vacuum chamber, which removes any air bubbles that might be present in the liquid plastic.

Vacuum casting is an ideal way to produce small quantities of polycarbonate parts with high accuracy and detail.

Polycarbonate is a versatile engineering plastic that offers many advantages over other machined materials.

First, it is lightweight, strong, and easy to work with.

Additionally, it is resistant to impact and temperature extremes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Third, polycarbonate can be machined to tight tolerances and highly resist wear and tear. As a result, it is often used to manufacture precision components for various industries.

In addition, polycarbonate is an excellent electrical insulator and can be used in a wide range of electrical and electronic applications.

Overall, polycarbonate offers many advantages as a machined material, making it an excellent choice for many applications.

Yes, we can.

We have made many prototypes using polycarbonate materials, including 3D printing, CNC plastic machining, and laser cutting.

CNC machining is a versatile manufacturing process that can create rapid prototypes from various materials, including polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a durable plastic commonly used in a wide range of applications, from eyeglass lenses to bulletproof windows.

It is also an excellent choice for rapid prototyping, as it can be machined quickly and easily to create complex shapes and features.

Yes, we can.

Acrylic is a versatile plastic material that can be machined using various methods.

CNC machining acrylic is one of the most popular methods for machining acrylic, as it offers high precision and repeatability.

Acrylic is an ideal material for many applications, from sign making to product prototyping.

Looking for Polycarbonate CNC machining services in China?

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