Brass sheet metal fabrication services in China

We specialize in high-quality brass sheet metal fabrication services. We have the latest technology and tools to work with brass, including laser cutting, CNC punching, and bending. Our team is able to create custom solutions for a variety of needs, whether it is an intricate product or a large-scale project. We understand how important these pieces are for our customers so we strive to make sure each item is crafted with attention to detail.

Our brass Sheet Metal Fabrication Capability

Our sheet metal fabrication capability is one of the most sought-after services in the manufacturing industry. We have built a reputation and offer customers a high-quality service that meets their exact needs. Our expertise and capabilities allow us to fabricate complex shapes, curved components, and intricate details with a superior finish.

sheet metal bending

We are well-equipped to handle projects ranging from custom prototyping to large-volume production runs. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines are capable of producing detailed parts with outstanding accuracy and consistency.

We use advanced laser cutting, punching, folding and welding processes to ensure that your product meets all required specifications on time and within budget. In addition, our experienced engineers use the latest CAD software for designing components as per clients’ individual requirements.

Common brass Grades In Sheet Metal Fabrication

There are many types of brass alloys. The following are several types of brass sheet metal commonly used.

Alloy C353

Alloy C353 is a leaded brass with excellent machinability, ductility, and pressure tightness.

The lead content in Alloy C353 helps to seal shrinkage holes, resulting in more excellent pressure tightness.

And alloy C35 is often used for screws, valves, fittings, bearings, specialty fasteners, architectural hardware, and general-purpose machine components.

Alloy C260

Alloy C260, also known as 70 30, is a copper-zinc alloy.For one, C260 is more ductile than pure copper, making it easier to work with.

It also has excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications containing moisture or salt water.

In addition, alloy C260 has good thermal and electrical conductivity, making it suitable for use in electronic components and heat exchangers.

Alloy C464

Alloy C464, also known as naval brass, is a solid and corrosion-resistant material with many applications.

It is commonly suitable for maritime construction, where it is needed to withstand corrosion from saltwater.

Alloy C464 is also suitable for manufacturing propeller shafts, nautical hardware, ornamental fittings, and turnbuckles.

Surface Finishes of Brass sheet metal parts

The three standard surface finishes for brass sheet parts are anodizing metal plating and powder coating. 

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a durable, corrosion-resistant coating on metal parts. It is often suitable for brass sheet metal parts to improve their appearance and performance. Anodizing can also change the color of brass parts, giving them a distinctive appearance.

Powder coating is widely suitable for brass sheet metal parts. The powder coating process involves applying the powder to the surface of the brass sheet metal parts and then curing the powder.

brass sheet metal parts fabrication

Why choose our China brass sheet metal fabrication services?

As a Chinese manufacturer of brass sheet metal manufacturing, we provide machining and finishing services. We have highly skilled engineers, technicians, and operators who are experts in their field.

And we have ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance and strict quality inspection and testing. Our prices are reasonable, and we offer quick turnaround times on large and small orders.

Whether you need  custom brass parts or a series of parts for mass production, we are confident that we can meet your demands.

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Brass Sheet Metal Manufacturing FAQs

There are many advantages to using brass sheet metal parts.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with many properties.

Brass has strong corrosion resistance and is well suited for use in the aerospace and military industries.

And it is easy to bend and mold into different shapes, making it perfect for applications requiring precision.

Brass is highly conductive and can withstand high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for various industrial applications.

The brass sheet metal also protects against the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, brass is highly flexible and malleable compared to other sheet metals.

Brass sheet metal can be used for everything from creating decorative accents to constructing industrial equipment.

It is often suitable for architectural applications because of its unique appearance and durability.

Brass sheet metal can also be suitable for plumbing and electrical applications because it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat

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