5-axis CNC machining services in China

We offer advanced 5-axis CNC machining services and are capable of machining precision parts with complex shapes. Our five axis CNC machines give us the capability to work on multiple sides of a component at once, drastically reducing production time and improving accuracy.

From small medical tools to large industrial components, we can handle various materials and project complexities. With our advanced equipment and skilled team, we can consistently exceed our client’s expectations for precision and quality.

Let us put our CNC machining expertise to work for you on your next project.

5 axis cnc machining

Custom 5-axis CNC machining parts capabilities

5-axis CNC machining is a highly precise technology to create intricate parts and components.

Our machines can move in five different directions simultaneously, allowing greater flexibility and accuracy in cutting and shaping materials.

Our 5-axis CNC machining capability allows us to create complex parts and components with precision and efficiency.

Additionally, our 5-axis machines can accommodate a wider range of materials and provide more design flexibility, allowing us to meet the unique needs of each project.

Whether it’s for industrial uses or specialized artistic endeavors, we have the ability to deliver your custom 5-axis CNC machining parts and bring your designs to life with precision and accuracy.

We have other processing services such as EDM and Swiss machining. Whether you are fast prototyping or mass producing parts, we can meet your needs.

In conclusion, our machining services offer unlimited possibilities for machining shapes and sizes of parts.

5 axis cnc machined part
5 axis cnc machining parts
5 axis machined part
5 axis parts

Why choose our China 5-axis CNC machining services?

Machiningtoday is a 5-axis CNC processing expert. Whether you need prototyping or mass production, our five-axis machining service offers you the perfect size of parts from the first to the last. And with our team of experienced engineers, we are fully equipped to provide DFM technical support throughout your project.

Customized complex precision parts

As a Chinese manufacturer of CNC 5-axis parts, we manufacture various complex industrial parts with our advanced 5-axis CNC machining equipment, decades of experience, and a wealth of creativity.


Strict Quality Control

As a CNC machining workshop with the ISO 9001:2015 certification, you can rest assured that our services meet industry quality standards. We have been working hard to improve the quality awareness of our staff.


Fast Turnaround

We own multiple 5-axis machines so we can make your prototype and production parts in a few days.

5 axis CNC machining services in China

How Do We Control The Quality Of 5-axis Parts?

For many years, we have provided comprehensive 5-axis machining services to our global customers. And we have always followed strict quality control standards. In every production process of the parts, we have professional technicians to check.

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First, we choose the correct materials for the job. Using a strong, durable material appropriate for the intended purpose can help ensure a successful result.

Also, proper tool selection and setting are crucial in producing high-quality parts. We will regularly inspect and calibrate tools to help prevent defects during production.

Third, we have a complete set of high-precision Carl Zeiss CMMs, spectrometers, projectors, micrometers, calipers, thread gauges, and other instruments.

Ultimately, our quality control goes a long way in controlling the quality of CNC 5 axis parts.

What is 5 axis CNC machining?

5 axis CNC machining is a process that uses computer-controlled machine tools to remove material from a workpiece. The 5-axis CNC machine is a versatile tool that can create parts with complex geometries.

And it has three linear axes and two rotary axes. The X, Y, and Z axes are the linear axes, and the A and B axes are the rotary axes. The 5-axis CNC machine can perform milling, drilling, and turning operations.

5-axis CNC machining is used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical. And it is capable of creating parts with highly accurate dimensions and tolerances.

Learn more about 4 axis vs. 5axis machining.

Benefits of our 5 axis CNC machining services

There are some advantages of our five-axis machining service:

Reduced number of setups

Five-axis is capable of machining on five sides. In contrast, 3-axis machining requires multiple setups and manual rotation of the part to achieve the final shape. Therefore, with 5-axis machining, you don’t have to waste any time changing the setup or orientation of the part.

Improve level of accuracy and efficiency

When it comes to manufacturing, precision is key. That’s where 5 axis CNC machining comes in. It allows the cutting tool to move across five different axes simultaneously, resulting in higher accuracy and efficiency.

Increased flexibility

It can increase flexibility in terms of shapes and designs. The result is a streamlined manufacturing process with less room for error and greater innovation potential.

Industrial applications of precision 5 axis CNC machined parts

The ability to precisely control all five axes of a CNC machine allows for creating complex, high-quality parts in various industries.

In the aerospace industry, 5 axis machines create intricate engine components and airframe structures.

In the medical field, they are utilized in the production of prosthetics and surgical instruments.

The automotive industry relies on 5 axis CNC machines to manufacture vehicle engines and transmission parts.

These machines also have applications in electronic manufacturing, which can create circuit boards and other small components with extreme precision.

Overall, the use of 5 axis CNC machining in industrial settings has greatly improved productivity, efficiency, and product quality.

5 axis CNC machining FAQs

There are a variety of materials available for 5 Axis CNC Machining. The most common material is aluminum.

Other materials that can be machined using this process include brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel.

In plastics, ABS, polycarbonate, and nylon are the most commonly machined materials.

Regarding precision and accuracy, 5-axis CNC machining is in a league of its own.

The tolerance of a 5-axis CNC machining center is much higher than that of a 3-axis machine. It means that parts produced on a 5-axis machine will be more accurate and have less variation in their dimensions.

The ability to manipulate the tool and workpiece in five different directions allows this machining to tackle complex shapes and angles easily.

And with the proper programming, the repeatability of 5-axis CNC machining can ensure consistently high tolerance levels.

In conclusion, our five-axis machining service is one of the best services in China. And also we can provide ultra-precision CNC parts with tolerances of up to 0.005 mm (0.0002 in).

Our professional engineers can ensure the highest efficiency and error-free process for the best results.

When it comes to CNC machining, there are a few different options for axis configurations.

First, it is 3+2 axis, where three linear axes can move the tool and an additional two rotating axes can rotate the part being worked on.

It allows for efficient work on non-complex parts or those that only need minor rotational adjustments.

However, 5 axis machining adds two more axes to the mix – one tilting axis and one rotating – allowing for more complex movements of the tool and the part being worked on.

It allows for increased efficiency in machining complicated forms and shapes and multi-sided parts in a single setup.

On the other hand, full 5-axis machines are more versatile but relatively expensive than 3 + 2 axis machines.

So while both types of CNC machining can get the job done, 5 axis machinery offers greater versatility and precision in fabrication.

Need to custom five axis CNC machined parts services in China?

Are you looking for precision and efficiency in your 5-axis CNC machining tasks? Look no further than our 5 axis CNC machining services. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce highly accurate results. At the same time, our experienced team ensures that each project is completed with the highest quality and attention to detail.

Choose our 5-axis CNC machining services and contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can help bring your designs to life.